Rosa’s Corner Vlogs

Caregivers and Getting Out There

It’s about out and about with Anthony Diaz as he talks about caregiving and what it takes to be a caregiver and how important social media is to caregivers. Anthony understands Facebook is not the only resource for social media. He knows and understands he needs to get out and about and really promote in person and sharing knowledge. Watch video here.

Anthony on Social Media

Join Anthony as he talks about how he does social media and how much it helps him promote Rosa’s and the wonderful things he does. Watch video here.

Anthony’s Corner What to Look for in an Assisted Living Home

Anthony Diaz explains what to look for when trying to find an assisted living home. His ideas are wonderful and once again, it is why he does so much for the senior community. Watch video here.

Show 30

Anthony talks about the Caregivers Newsletter and the importance of it and how it can help people. Join him as he talks about it today. Watch video here.

Caregiver Newsletter

Join Dr. Tyler Woods and Anthony Diaz and they talk about the Caregiver Newsletter and what it does and how it is done and the many wonderful things it offers. This is a one-of-a-kind newsletter. Anthony Diaz being a pioneer in caregiver caring decided to start a newsletter to get information out. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 28

Is there anything that Rosa’s doesn’t do? well Anthony Diaz is here to tell you that they do more things than they can count in their assisted living home. Tune in. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 27

Join Anthony Diaz as he talks about community outreach and engaging the community with helpful information and resources. We all need to be able to count on each other and Anthony certainly knows how to do this and help the community. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 26

Anthony Diaz talks about the importance of visiting grandparents either in an assisted living home, or in their personal home. Why is he talking so much about it with a smile? Because he is once again a new grandfather. Share his joy with him. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 19

Anthony Diaz talks a lot about caregiver however, do you know about caregiver burnout? It is real and affects many people who are caregivers. Learn how to avoid it and how you can be a better caregiver. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 16

Anthony Diaz talks about the new backyard where there has been a great deal of construction. They have an outdoor movie theater, a grass patch that enables the residents to play fun games, and he has found wonderful ways to make sure his residents get plenty of vitamin D. Watch video here.

Anthony’s Corner Show 15

Anthony Diaz is presented a community award for the outstanding work he does for non-profits and community services. Anthony of course is concerned about dust in the office. Indeed, he has no ego to get in the way of his excellence. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 14

Join Anthony Diaz in this funny video blog about why he keeps the home for the residents so clean. If you can get past the laughter, you will appreciate him even more. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 13

This is part 2 of the very important topic that Anthony Diaz discusses about dementia and how it affects families. Watch video here.

Happy New Year

Anthony talks about welcoming in 2017 and what his goals are. Check out the video to see what he has in store for 2017 for Rosa’s Adult Care home and the residents. Watch video here.

Show 9

Join Anthony Diaz as He talk about seniors, holidays and the value of a good cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar. Anthony believes a sense of humor is needed and he is correct. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 8

So what on earth did Anthony catch and out in a cage? Many people have been asking that question. After you get done laughing, be sure to finish the video it is about healthy food and enjoying the kitchen. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 7

Join Anthony Diaz as he talks about the different kinds of contractors that come into the adult care home. Learn why he is so successful. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 6

Anthony shares how to get your relative or loved one into his home. It is important for caregivers to know a few simple things. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner  Show 5

Anthony Diaz talks about food at Rosa’s Adult Care Home and how important food and choice is to the people. He explains it in a way where family, friends and seniors will understand. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 4

Anthony Diaz talks about how important it is to have a home that makes the residents feel at home and at ease. Decorating, bring in personal belongings, all this is vital when preparing to move your loved one into an assisted living home. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 3 Holidays

Welcome to Rosa’s corner where you learn a little about our home sweet home and a lot about adult care. Come on inside, take a seat today we are getting ready for the holidays. Watch video here.

Rosas Corner Show 2

Join Anthony Diaz as he talks about the alliances he has formed to help other residential homes in the east Tucson area. Anthony is an expert in assisted living homes and shares his knowledge with others. Watch video here.

Rosa’s Corner Show 1

Join Anthony Diaz, the director of Rosa’s Chanter Adult care Living as he video blogs his knowledge and expertise on his assisted living home, information, care giving and other great topics. This is the introductory show. Watch video here.